Spread the truth by RONY Halabi

Why this BLOG?

I created this site after extensive research in the Ufo phenomena, I found out that there was a total cover up concerning alien activities from nearly all political governments around the known world.

This blog is dedicated to exposing and spreading the knowledge of  all “Alien” activities, whether it was in the past, present or potentially  in the future,

Because of my expertise in the visual effects world, it was easy for my to realize that a small part of all alien reports, some are real and not some kind of  CG imagery or visual effect extravaganza.

Digging deeper into the subject, I realized that the mass media and the main stream scientific and archeological circles  did not tune in, and even ridiculed the subject, this in itself proved to me the extent of the cover up.

Now, I know this is not the first nor the last blog to discuss such matters, but from my extensive research I will try to link events together, from ancient religions to recent intervention to the world banking organization, proving an Alien agenda set in motion years ago.

Please take the time to review the bellow video, because in my opinion this was the turning point in the search for the truth


One response

  1. Jackie Rothe

    This is amazing.They talked about things I always knew were true.It is just something else to actually hear it with your own ears.I too have seen what I beleieve to be ufo’s.The first one back around 1973 in Wilmington,n.c. in Long Leaf Park ,near the WECT TV station.I t was a nice sunny day clear blue sky,I was walking with my boyfriend.I happened to look up and I saw something that was silver matallic and streaked so unbelievably fast and disappeared.The sighting didn’t even last more than a second,if that.It disappeared so fast that I couldn’t even get one word out to say–look! I just asked ,did you see that afterwards ?He said ,what.He was’nt looking up like me.Till this very day I still have trouble trying to describe this to any one.I think because I have seen planes in the sky and know what they act like in the sky.This was nothing like that.You see.The sky was like a solid blue and this object seemed to break through the blue sky for just a second then ,nothing it was gone.I would probably do better by trying to draw this on paper.It was not a plane ,it did not have wings.It was not shaped like a plane.I am 58 years old now and can still see this in my mind.I will never forget it.It was shaped kinda like a square or close to it.Nothing in this world can move that fast.Too bad that my boyfriend didn’t look up when I did because it would have been nice for him to have seen too because when you tell someone something like that they just blow it off.Every since then I have been drawn to look at the sky and waiting to see more ,which I have.I feel like this video, The UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT validated what I have seen and have always known.I really makes me mad that these people that have the capacity to cover this up has gotten away with this as long as they have.I wonder how many people have felt like I have that when you tell someone what you have seen they say you must be crazy.I believe also they have been camouflaging their crafts in our skies.They are seen when they want to be seen.

    July 9, 2012 at 12:09 pm

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