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The Rendlesham Forest Ufo case – Nick Pope

Britain’s most famous UFO case is the so-called Rendlesham Forest incident. Over a series of nights in December 1980 numerous United States Air Force personnel at the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge saw UFOs in and around Rendlesham Forest, in Suffolk. In early 2001 Georgina Bruni obtained the Ministry of Defence file on this incident, under the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information. The papers consisted mainly of public correspondence, but the early documents related to the MOD’s investigation into this incident, and included papers from the Defence Intelligence Staff. The key documents are reproduced here. A detailed commentary and analysis of these documents can be found in the Rendlesham Files Reviewed article on this site. For a detailed account of the case itself, see Georgina Bruni’s book You Can’t Tell The People.

More files here


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