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The story of Billy Meier

A farmer born in the town of Bülach in the Swiss Lowlands, Eduard “Billy” Meier’s claimed his first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942 at the age of five with an elderly extraterrestrial human man named Sfath. Contacts with Sfath lasted until 1953. From 1953 to 1964, Meier’s contacts continued with an extraterrestrial human woman named Asket.Meier says that after an eleven year break, contacts resumed again (beginning on January 28, 1975) with an extraterrestrial human woman named Semjase the granddaughter of Sfath.

In his teens, Meier joined the French Foreign Legion but says he soon left and returned home. He traveled extensively around the world pursuing spiritual exploration, covering some forty-two countries over twelve years. In 1965 he lost his left arm in a bus accident in Turkey. In 1966 he met and married a Greek woman, Kalliope, with whom he has three children. The nickname “Billy” came by way of an American friend who thought Meier’s cowboy style of dress reminded her of “Billy the Kid”. This anecdote was told by Meier himself in an interview with Bob Zanotti of Swiss Radio International in June, 1982.

Meier has accumulated a large collection of controversial photographs showing alleged spaceships (called beamships) as well as alleged extraterrestrials (humanoids called the Plejaren). Meier says that the Plejaren gave him permission to photograph and film their beamships in order to produce some of the evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. Meier’s claims are both believed and disputed by UFO skeptics and enthusiasts.




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  2. How much time did it take you to publish “The story of
    Billy Meier Alien Activity Files”? It has got plenty of decent details.
    Thanks -Harriett

    February 5, 2013 at 4:08 am


    It was Billy Meier who received the (1000 pages+)
    EXTRATERRESTRIAL TECH book, and I saw the reporter promise an English translation on a video from you tube in 2011-2012. Anybody have a link to news of the publication of that book?

    October 29, 2014 at 10:03 pm

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